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Dreamstar Construction is working on several commerical construction projects including numerous "Boca Tanning Clubs" for the Sorrentino Family in the Great State of New Jersey.

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Dreamstar Construction Builds Boca Tanning Clubs for The Sorrentino Family
Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino & Marc "The Man" Sorrentino at The Grand Opening of Boca Tanning Club in Middletown

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New Jersey home raised and placed on concrete foundation.
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Home elevation, hydraulic house lifting and flood venting in New Jersey.
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Dreamstar Construction's Commercial Construction Capabilities will be showcased in "The Boca Tanning Clubs" all over the state of New Jersey. For over 15 years, Dreamstar Construction has been one of the most successful commercial builders in New Jersey specializing in all facets of new commercial office building construction as well as commercial building renovations. Call Dreamstar Construction for your commercial construction project for first-in-class commercial building construction, renovation and restoration services.