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Westgate Construction provides home lifting, concrete foundation construction and flood vent installation as well as placing homes on piles or stilts in Chadwick Beach Island, New Jersey and surrounding communities

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Home Lifting & Flood Vent Installation in Chadwick Beach Island NJ
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House Raising with Wooden Pilings
House place on wood or concrete piles.
NJ Flood Venting
Flood Vent Installation on the Jersey Shore
New Jersey home raised and placed on concrete foundation.
Our staff is a long standing team of construction contractors providing first-in-class house raising services in Chadwick Beach Island, New Jersey for over 15 years and counting.

Westgate Construction recommends each and every homeowner to lift their home in Chadwick Beach Island, then pour an ICF Insulated Concrete Foundation with flood vents installed during the forming. Then place the home back on a highly insulated, virtually sound-proof concrete foundation.
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Hydraulic House Jacking/Raising in Chadwick Beach Island NJ
Westgate Construction is a general contractor in Chadwick Beach Island, New Jersey offering the most reliable hydraulic home jacking services and specializes in pouring ICF insulated concrete foundations with flood vents for the most effective flood protection in compliance with FEMA regulations in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Flood Vent Installation in Chadwick Beach Island New Jersey
Westgate is one of the most highly qualified flood vent installation contractors in Chadwick Beach Island, New Jersey. For over 15 years, Westgate Construction has been one of the most prolific concrete foundation contractors and bring a high level of expertise in any concrete construction or modification project. Lifting homes and pouring a new concrete foundation with flood vents installed is an acute focus for Westgate Construction. Call Westgate Construction today for home lifting and flood vents in Chadwick Beach Island NJ.
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Westgate Construction is one of the most trusted and highly experienced construction companies specializing in house jacking/raising in Chadwick Beach Island NJ. We offer state-of-the art home elevating and flood venting for FEMA Compliance.
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