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  Westgate Construction is one of the best residential and commercial building companies offering insulated concrete foundations, ICF homes and large commercial buildings. Of course, we build traditional homes and commercial buildings as well.

  New Home Construction is so simple with Westgate. Our experienced staff has the knowledge and experience to complete any new construction project from the foundation to finishing the home.

  Commercial Construction is a heavy duty job which requires skill and expertise. We have the experience and the equipment to successfully complete any commercial building on time and budget.

  Complete Home Improvements including kitchen and bathroom remodeling, building an addition, roofing and siding, home raising, in-ground pools, patios, decks and walkways are specialties.
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Westgate Construction
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New Jersey's #1 ICF Insulated Concrete Home Construction Company : Commercial ICF Construction Contractors Serving All of New Jersey : Commercial Roofing
Westgate Builds "Boca Tanning Clubs" for Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino in New Jersey
Westgate Construction
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Home additions and remodeling in New Jersey.
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New Jersey's Most Trusted ICF Insulated Concrete Home Construction Company With Over 15 Years of Experience Building Insulated Concrete Buildings

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